The Inclusive Leadership Compass

An action-oriented, 360° assessment tool grounded in the science of inclusion.


Unlocking The Power Of Diversity


Research shows that diversity can produce higher performing teams and organizations. To unlock the power of diversity, leaders must think and behave inclusively.  Despite this, what constitutes ‘inclusive leadership’ is not well understood. Moreover, research shows people often overestimate how inclusive they are, leading them to be less vigilant. The 360º Inclusive Leadership Compass (360 ILC) addresses these challenges.

Designed for developmental purposes, the 360 ILC enables leaders to be clear on:

  • what effective inclusive leadership means;

  • how inclusive others experience them to be; and

  • the practical actions they can take to be more inclusive.

As part of the 360 ILC experience, leaders receive a confidential, one-on-one with an accredited ILC executive coach to enhance their inclusive leadership capability. Group-level reporting is also available.

Action-oriented, comprehensive yet easy-to-understand, the 360 ILC is drawn from the psychological literature and empirical research on inclusion, leadership and high-performing teams.


Benefits of the ILC

1. Demystifies Inclusive Leadership

2. Increases self-awareness of leadership shadow and impact

3. Provides a customised inclusive leadership action plan

4. Pinpoints group development needs

5. Enables real and measurable progress towards inclusion across the organization

Inclusive Leadership Framework

Our research shows that inclusive leaders exhibit four practices, which span the related but distinct domains of self, others, team and organization. The mindsets and behaviours that underpin these four practices are reflected in the 360 ILC assessment tool.

The tool comprises 16 focus areas mapped to the four practices, which combine to influence diversity and inclusion outcomes for individuals, teams and organizations.  Action-oriented, comprehensive yet easy-to-understand, the Inclusive Leadership Compass is drawn from the psychological literature and empirical research on inclusion, leadership and high-performing teams.


About Us

We are diversity and inclusion thought leaders with deep, global expertise in helping leaders and their organisations unlock the power of diversity through inclusion.