Welcome to the 360 Inclusive Leadership Compass

Research shows that diversity can produce higher performing teams and organizations. But this “diversity bonus” is not assured. Unlocking the power of diversity requires leaders who think and behave inclusively. And here lies the challenge. What constitutes ‘inclusive leadership’ is not well understood, with many leaders unclear of the behaviors that are important. Moreover, research shows people often overestimate how inclusive they are, leading them to be less vigilant in their day-to-day behaviors.

The 360 Inclusive Leadership Compass addresses these challenges. It helps leaders understand, benchmark and strengthen their inclusive leadership impact, enabling them to better harness the diversity of their people for improved team and organizational performance.

“If we want our leadership to make a difference, we must understand our own impact—the
shadow we cast. The challenge is that it is hard to see our own shadow—its shape, clarity
and reach.”
— Australian Male Champions of Change
“Inclusivity is in the eye of the beholder. You might intend to be inclusive and even think you are inclusive, but your impact on others might be very different.”
— Zenger/Folkman

what is the 360 ilc?

The 360 ILC is a multi-rater feedback tool that measures inclusive leadership effectiveness. At an individual level, it helps leaders to be clear on: what effective leadership means, how inclusive others experience them to be; and the practical actions they can take to be more inclusive. At an organization level, it helps stakeholders pinpoint group development needs and measure the effectiveness of leadership interventions overtime.

Designed for developmental purposes, the 360 ILC can be used across various leadership populations including executive and senior leaders, future leaders and middle managers. Flexible individual and group reporting and debrief options are available.


increases self-awareness


promotes individual action planning

pinpoints group development needs

the 360 ilc framework

Not all 360 feedback tools are created equal, with a robust measurement framework being key. The 360 ILC uses a research-based model that is both comprehensive yet engaging and practical.

Specifically, the 360 ILC measures the four core practices of inclusive leaders, which span the related but distinct domains of self, others, team and organization: i.e. Embrace difference (self), Empower diverse talent (others), Enable diverse thinking teams (team) and Embed diversity and inclusion across the organization (organization). Mapped to these four practices are 16 focus areas and 76 underlying behaviors, which combine to influence inclusive leadership impact.

ILC V2.png
“What a wonderfully simple way to represent the many facets of inclusive leadership!”
— LinkedIn professional, Jan 2019

HOW does the 360 ilc work?

The 360 ILC process is structured around four key steps, designed to promote engagement and impact. Administered on the Qualtrics platform, and with flexible reporting and debrief options available, the 360 ILC provides a highly personable, impactful and scalable leadership experience.











“As someone committed to building a diverse and inclusive culture at our organisation, I was keen to understand my inclusive leadership shadow as experienced by those in my executive team and more broadly across the Club. The 360 ILC program was the perfect solution and enabled me to better understand my impact and tailor an action plan to continue to drive inclusion as a core value of my leadership.”
— Tom Harley, CEO Sydney Swans Football Club
The 360 Inclusive Leadership Compass process was both highly professional and insightful. I had a loose idea of where I needed to put my efforts, but this offered a more precise way of understanding how the people that I lead perceived my actions and what I need to continue with, and change, in order to optimize my inclusive leadership impact
— Senior Partner, Global Commercial Law firm