How is the 360 ILC different to other inclusive leadership assessments?

We believe the 360 ILC differs from other inclusive leadership assessments in three ways:

  1. A comprehensive yet engaging and practical framework:  Not all 360 assessments are created equal, with the underlying measurement framework key to its effectiveness.  Developed by internationally recognized experts in inclusive leadership, the 360 ILC is grounded in the Inclusive Leadership Compass, a comprehensive yet engaging and practical leadership model based on research.  Structured around the four core practices of inclusive leaders, the Inclusive Leadership Compass helps orient leaders’ attention towards the primary sites of influence and action (i.e. self, others, team and organization), allowing leaders to more confidently and intentionally role model inclusion across different leadership contexts.

  2. Insightful and actionable feedback to support behavioral change:  The quality of feedback you get from any 360 tool depends on the instrument, the questions asked and the nature of coaching supporting the process itself. The questions in the 360 ILC are observable and behaviorally based. Debriefs are conducted by accredited coaches only, ensuring the actions identified are relevant to the business context and strategic imperatives of each individual leader.

  3. The response scale utilized:  The 360 ILC adopts a 5-point “Extent” scale minimizing the risk of false positives inherent in other scales, helping to generate more accurate feedback responses and facilitating greater differentiation of leadership impact.

How much does the 360 ILC cost?

Please contact us directly to discuss costs.  We offer flexible reporting and debrief options, including volume discounts, allowing the 360 ILC to be economically administered at scale.

Can leaders just do a self-assessment using the 360 ILC?

A self-assessment only can raise leaders’ awareness of what it means to be an inclusive leader and spark leadership interest.  However, research shows it may not provide reliable insight into inclusive capability nor initiate behavioral change.  Specifically, like other self-assessments, research by Deloitte and Zenger/Folkman shows that leaders are not good at judging how inclusive they are - particularly those less capable. This can lead them to be less intentional and/or confident in their day-to-day interactions. 

Can the 360 ILC be used for performance management or candidate selection purposes?

The 360 ILC has been created for the purpose of feedback and development - not ‘assessment’.

Is the coaching debrief necessary?

Research shows that coaching significantly improves the likelihood of behavioral change.  We offer flexible debrief and coaching options, allowing the 360 ILC to be administered at scale.  Please contact us directly to discuss. 

Can the individual and/or group debriefs be conducted by in-house coaches at our organization?

Yes, we offer the option to accredit internal coaches allowing for the 360 ILC to be administered more cost effectively at scale. 

I am a diversity and inclusion consultant.  Can I become accredited to sell and deliver the 360 ILC to my clients?

Yes, we offer the option to accredit suitably qualified diversity and inclusion coaches as 360 ILC practitioners. Please contact us directly to discuss.   

Is the 360 ILC survey platform secure?

The 360 ILC is administered on the Qualtrics platform.  Qualtrics is trusted by more than 10,000 organizations globally and provides the comfort of security and 24-hour a day customer support.  

Can I see a demo of the 360 ILC?

We can provide interested organizations with a sample individual and/or group report, which show the nature of reporting, insights and action plans along with the questions asked.   Please contact us directly to discuss. 

Can we conduct the 360 ILC annually?

Yes, conducting the 360 ILC periodically is a great way to measure the impact of leadership interventions and capability development.

We really like the Inclusive Leadership Compass but are not yet ready for a 360 intervention.  Is there any other way to introduce this to our leaders?

Yes, our 2.5-hour Inclusive Leadership Foundation workshop introduces leaders to the Compass.  It is designed to help leaders:

  • Understand the business case for diversity and inclusion

  • Understand what it means to be an inclusive leader, and their role in leading change

  • Explore barriers to diversity and inclusion, and inclusive leadership, in their teams/organization

  • Reflect on how inclusive they may be, using an abridged, self-assessment version of the 360 ILC

  • Role model inclusion, by introducing them to practical actions they can take to be more inclusive of those around them.   

A shorted, presentation-style option is also available for larger audiences.