Assessing Inclusive Leadership Capability

The 360 Inclusive Leadership Compass (360 ILC) :

  • Collects feedback from multiple perspectives including self, manager, peers and direct reports.

  • Provides individuals with a confidential and reliable way to understand how inclusive others experience them to be, their blindspots and gaps, as well as practical actions they can take to enhance or build their inclusive leadership capability.

  • Has been designed for developmental purposes.

  • Can be used across various populations, including executive and senior leaders, middle managers and board directors.

  • Is administered securely online, via the market-leading Qualtrics platform.

  • Takes approximately 20-minutes to complete.

  • Uses a 5-point 'extent' scale helping mitigate the risk of false positives.

  • Provides individuals with an easy-to-understand report and debrief with an accredited ILC executive coach.

  • Includes the option of group-level reporting.

  • Forms the basis of targeted development options to progress the organisation’s inclusive culture.