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The 2019 International Women’s Day’s theme – Balance for Better – makes a strong call to action for accelerating gender parity.

This change requires a critical mass of leaders moving beyond passive support for diversity and taking personal responsibility for role modelling inclusion on a day-to-day basis. Yet, as the Australian Male Champions of Change point out, it is often hard for leaders to see their own shadow and the impact of their behaviors on others. The 360 IL Pledge provides leaders with the opportunity to get specific and actionable feedback on the shadow they cast, demonstrate their commitment to change and make meaningful progress toward gender balance.

What is the 360 Inclusive Leadership Pledge?

Leaders commit to completing a 360 Inclusive Leadership assessment - a multi rater feedback tool specifically designed to provide feedback on critical aspects of inclusive leadership - and make that commitment known on or before Friday 8 March 2019.

The 360 Inclusive Leadership assessment:

  • Collects feedback on a leader from multiple perspectives (i.e. themselves, direct reports, peers and their manager)

  • Provides a confidential way for leaders to understand how inclusive others experience them to be and blind spots in their leadership approach

  • Supports leaders in setting priorities and making changes to their behaviors to help achieve gender balance.

If we want our leadership to make a difference, we must understand our own impact – the shadow we cast. The challenge is that it is hard to see our own shadow – its shape, clarity and reach.

What does the pledge involve?

Leaders simply:
1. Nominate Raters to provide feedback (5 minutes)
2. Complete their Self-Assessment (20 minutes)
3. Participate in a debrief on their Individual Report and commit to 3-4 meaningful acts to be more inclusive of diversity (60 minutes).

The time effort is comparable to more traditional IWD activities (e.g. event attendance) with arguably greater impact.

What is the impact?

Provides a clear and visible statement of ownership
Provides a highly visible demonstration of leaders’ individual and shared commitment toward gender balance and acknowledgement of their role in leading change.

Increases personal insight
Helps leaders identify blind-spots in their leadership approach in a safe and confidential environment.

Supports the development of new behaviors
Facilitates the creation of a personalized and tangible action plan and helps leaders understand what 'great' inclusive leadership involves.

Pinpoints group capability gaps
Enables stakeholders to clearly understand shared capability gaps across a leadership cohort.

Offers brand reinforcement opportunities
As a new and different way of marking IWD, the pledge provides positive profiling opportunities for an organization.


An individual leader's assessment results and report remain confidential to them and their nominated executive coach.

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Sandy Caspi Sable