If we want our leadership to make a difference, we must understand our own impact—the
shadow we cast. The challenge is that it is hard to see our own shadow—its shape, clarity
and reach.
— The Australian Male Champions of Change

Research shows that diversity can produce higher performing teams and organizations. But this ‘diversity bonus’ is not assured. To unlock the power of diversity, leaders must think and behave inclusively. And here lies the challenge.

First, while the language of “inclusive leadership” is now widely used, its meaning is less well understood. Indeed, research shows that many leaders are simply not confident in their understanding of the specific behaviors that impact people's experiences of inclusion (or exclusion). As such, they are often reliant on trial and error and unable to be intentional in their efforts to be inclusive on a day-to-day basis.

Second, many leaders are not good at judging how inclusive they are. For example, Deloitte’s research found that just one third (36%) of leaders could accurately judge their inclusive capabilities as others saw them, with a third (32%) overestimating their effectiveness.  Similar findings have been seen in research by Zenger/Folkman who also found that leaders who are the poorest at valuing diversity were more likely to overrate their capability. 

The 360 ILC addresses these challenges. It helps leaders understand, benchmark and strengthen their inclusive leadership impact, enabling them to better harness the diversity of their people for improved team and organizational performance


WHAT IS The 360 ilc?

The 360 ILC is a multi-rater feedback tool to measure inclusive leadership effectiveness. It:

  • Collects feedback from multiple perspectives including peers, direct reports and manager(s) and compares and contrasts these to the leader’s own self-perception.

  • Is grounded in the comprehensive and easy-to-interpret Inclusive Leadership Compass framework, measuring leader effectiveness across 4 domains (Embrace, Empower, Enable & Embed) and 16 focus areas.

  • Contains 76 observable and behaviorally-based questions, taking 15-20 minutes to complete.

  • Uses a 5-point 'extent' scale helping mitigate the risk of false positives. 

  • Can be used across various populations, including executive and senior leaders, future leaders and middle managers.

  • Has been designed for developmental purposes, providing a safe and confidential way for leaders to understand and build their capability.

  • Is administered securely online via the market-leading Qualtrics platform.

  • Includes flexible individual and group reporting and debrief options, supporting administration at scale.



Inclusive leadership is a new way of leading. The act of completing the assessment helps leaders understand what great inclusive leadership looks like and the behaviors that are important.


Research shows that people often overestimate how inclusive they are - particularly those less capable. The 360 ILC provides a safe and reliable way for leadership to understand strengths, development areas and blind spots.

Photo by shironosov/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by shironosov/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by EtiAmmos/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by EtiAmmos/iStock / Getty Images

promotes individual action-planning

The action-orientated nature of the 360 ILC, along with its supporting tools, promotes strong development conversations and enables leaders to identify practical actions to be more inclusive.

pinpoints group development needs

The 360 ILC allows stakeholders to understand shared capability gaps across a leadership cohort, allowing development interventions to be implemented with more precision.